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"Eliminating Condensation & Mould Once And For All"
"Eliminating Condensation & Mould Once And For All"

TDD Mould Resistant Emulsion Paint 5L

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An excellent, premium quality, low odour antimould coating guaranteed to protect against unsightly and unhygienic black mould even when there is persistent condensation. The unsurpassed performance is achieved by combining modern paint technology with highly advanced, proven biocides. The antimould biocide is combined throughout the paint film, which is formulated to impart toughness, elasticity, water resistance and durability to the finish.
Ideal for walls and ceilings in private and social housing and a wide range of public and commercial buildings. It is fully washable and resistant to the effects of condensation when the coating is fully dried out.

  • Approved under HSE Control of Pesticides 1986 Regulations as a surface biocide treatment against mould growth
  • Easy to use and cost effective


Mould Resistant Emulsion COSHH Assessment

TDD Mould Resistant Emulsion Specification

TDD Mould Resistant Emulsion TDS


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