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"Eliminating Condensation & Mould Once And For All"
"Eliminating Condensation & Mould Once And For All"

Nuaire CO2 Sensor PRS VMS-23C33

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£231.34 - £231.34
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The Drimaster-Eco CO2 (DRI-ECO-CO2) sensor tracks the levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as PPM (Parts Per Million) in the home. This is an optional sensor that can be fitted anywhere in the home, either by the adhesive backing it’s supplied or with screws (screws not supplied).Whilst the sensor and PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) unit communicate via radio frequency, the device itself must be wired in to the mains power supply of the property. The sensor has been designed to work in conjunction with the DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC and DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT PIV models due to these units being built with radio frequency capabilities.