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"Eliminating Condensation & Mould Once And For All"
"Eliminating Condensation & Mould Once And For All"

Nuaire DRIMASTER-ECO-NOX-HC (In Home Controls with Carbon filters)

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Original price
£501.23 - £501.23
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DRI-ECO-NOX-HC hall control model utilises the PIV principle as well as two carbon cartridges hidden inside of each ePM10 filter to reduce hazardous NOX pollution as well as other allergens such as pollen, dust mites, as well as pollutants caused by cooking and cleaning, from the air. This newly launched product is designed and manufactured for homeowners and occupants living within air quality management area. The unit has 7 segment display control found underneath the ceiling diffuser in the hall way. It also incorporates Radio Frequency (RF) to enable a range of remote sensors and switches that automatically boost the fan should the property require additional ventilation such as raised humidity due to cooking.